Best way of drawing on PDF: Adding Notes, Markups among others

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Best way of drawing on PDF: Adding Notes, Markups etc.

Drawing on PDF documents can be a useful way to add your own notes, annotations, or markups to a document. Whether you're reviewing a document, providing feedback to a colleague or client, or simply adding your own notes to a PDF, there are several tools and techniques you can use to draw on PDFs effectively.

One of the most common ways to draw on a PDF is to use the built-in markup tools in your PDF viewer. These tools often include options to highlight text, underline or strikethrough text, add text boxes or sticky notes, and draw shapes or lines. To access these tools, simply open your PDF viewer and look for the "Markup" or "Comment" options in the toolbar.

Another option for drawing on a PDF is to use a specialized PDF editor, which often includes more advanced drawing tools and features. These editors allow you to create new drawings or annotations from scratch, import images or other graphics, and even add your own custom stamps or watermarks to a PDF. Some popular PDF editors include Adobe Acrobat, Foxit PhantomPDF, and Nitro PDF.

If you're working with a team or collaborating on a document, you may also want to consider using a cloud-based PDF annotation tool, which allows multiple users to add their own notes and markups to a single PDF document in real-time. Some popular options in this category include Google Drive, Dropbox Paper, and Microsoft OneDrive.

When drawing on a PDF, it's important to keep in mind the purpose of your annotations and markups. Are you simply adding your own notes and comments, or are you providing feedback to someone else? Are your annotations meant to be temporary or permanent? By considering these questions, you can choose the best tools and techniques for your needs and ensure that your annotations are clear, concise, and effective.

Why should i draw in PDF file?

Int the most cases,  PDF editorsonly gives you fairly wide range of features for adding texts and various markups. Most of them are complex to use. sometimes you may need to  draw on PDF  to carryout  some task. Whatever might be the kind of your work, you can use PDF editor in the following steps

You have to highlight a part of the text with which you need to do some work, for instance, delete, replace etc.
then add handwritten comments and remarks to the text, tables, graphs, and other info on the document pages;
then add arrows or boxes so as to make the data in the file more visual.
Drawing is a quick and easy way to add extra information or highlight text sections, which can be useful for your independent work and the collaborative editing of a document.

PDF Online With PDFLiner is among the most popular software for working with PDF forms, it isuser-frendly with an advanced tools.PDF Online With PDFLiner provide maximum flexibility in creating and editing files, you can draw on a PDF in a some major browser like Chrome, Mac, Windows, you can also draw on your mobile phones.

How to Draw with  PDF with PDFLiner ?

1.Open your device editor, log into the system with your account information. You can sign up if you have no account before pr use your email or facebook account to sign up. 
2.At the upper right corner, you will find the button “Go to my Docs.” Press the icon with a “+” sign to 3.create a new file from scratch or upload an existing document from your device.
If you select on file, you will be transferred to the editor window, then you can use all the tools available. 
4.You will find the “Insert” button (an icon with a “+” sign), you will find the option to draw on PDF.
You can make some adjustments to the document, mark areas that need attention,add handwritten,text or images.

Features of PDFliner

  • It is  designed to make working with PDF documents easy and accessible. 
  • Of course, 
  • Insert text,watermarks, signatures, dates, photos, images, graphics, links, fillable fields, and more.     

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