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1.Name:WhatsApp Status Saver
2.System Compatibility : Andriod Version 5+
3.Setup Size: 6 MB
4.Can be installed Offline
5.Latest Version Release Added In: June 2023
6.WhatsApp Status server

Save All Your Favorite Whatsapp Statuses With This App

You absolutely love expressing yourself with the perfect Whatsapp status. Whether it's a funny meme, an inspirational quote or a throwback photo, your status is a glimpse into your mood and personality. The trouble is, after 24 hours, that perfect status disappears forever from the annals of Whatsapp history. But now, there's an app that lets you save all your favorite Whatsapp statuses so you can revisit and reuse them anytime you want. Status Saver is the must-have app for any Whatsapp user who wants to curate and catalog the best of their status updates. With just a few taps, you can save your status to your personal collection and access it whenever the mood strikes. No more regretting that hilarious meme or inspirational quote slipping away into the internet ether. Status Saver gives you ultimate control over your status updates so you can be as expressive as ever on Whatsapp without worrying about losing your best ones. Download Status Saver today and never lose another favorite status update again. Your mini-masterpieces will be at your fingertips whenever you want to reuse them.

What Is Whatsapp Status Saver?

Have you ever come across an awesome WhatsApp status and wished you could save it to view again later? Well, now you can with Status Saver for WhatsApp, a free app that lets you save all your favorite statuses in one place.

This handy app makes it super simple to save any status you come across. All you have to do is long press on the status you want to save, tap "Save Status" and you're done! Your saved status will now appear in the Status Saver app for you to view whenever you want. You can even organize your saved statuses into different folders based on category.

The best part about Status Saver is that it works for photo statuses, video statuses, gif statuses - you name it, this app saves it! No more FOMO from missing out on your friends' hilarious or inspiring statuses. And don't worry, Status Saver is 100% discreet - none of your WhatsApp contacts will know you've saved their status update.

This fun and addictive app provides an easy solution to a common problem. Once you start using it, you'll wonder how you ever lived without it! Whether you want to save that cute video of your niece dancing or that motivational quote that brightened your day, Status Saver makes it possible to keep all your favorite WhatsApp memories in one place.

Download Status Saver for free today and never miss out on a great WhatsApp status update again! Your saved collection will bring you joy and inspiration whenever you need it.

How to Download WhatsApp Status Saver

Want to keep all your favorite WhatsApp statuses for posterity? Of course you do! With Status Saver for WhatsApp, saving your best statuses is super simple.

To get started, open the Status Saver app on your phone. Once installed, log in with your WhatsApp account to connect the two and you'll see all your recent statuses pop up. Just tap the download button on any status you want to save and it will be stored in the app for you.

Saving statuses is quick and easy. In just a couple taps, that hilarious video, memorable picture, or insightful quote can be yours forever. No more fear of missing out or forgetting that status that brightened your day!

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The best part is, Status Saver is available for both Android and iOS, so all your friends can get in on the status saving fun too. Why keep your favorite moments trapped in the ephemeral world of 24-hour stories when you can collect and share them at your leisure?

Saving your statuses is more than just hoarding memories - it's a chance to curate a collection of the moments that truly define you. The photos that make you smile, the videos that make you laugh, the quotes that inspire you - keep them all with Status Saver.

Your WhatsApp status stories may disappear, but with this nifty app, the ones worth saving never will. Download Status Saver today and start building your personalized status library. The possibilities are endless!

Set Up WhatsApp Status Saver on Your Phone

Download the Status Saver App

The first step is to download the Status Saver app from the Google Play Store. Once installed, open the app and tap 'Allow' to give it access to your WhatsApp data. This will allow the app to save your status updates.

Select WhatsApp Accounts

If you have multiple WhatsApp accounts, you'll need to select which ones you want to save statuses from. Tap the menu icon, select 'Accounts' and check the boxes next to the accounts you want to save statuses for. The app will now start saving all new statuses posted to those accounts.

View and Manage Saved Statuses

To view your saved statuses, simply open the Status Saver app. All your saved statuses will appear in reverse chronological order. You'll see the name of the account it's from, a preview of the status, and the date it was posted.

To delete a saved status, just tap the status you want to remove and then tap 'Delete'. You can also tap the menu icon and select 'Delete all' to clear all saved statuses for an account.

Never Miss an Important Update Again!

With Status Saver installed, you'll never have to worry about missing an important or funny status update from your friends and family again. The app runs silently in the background and saves all your WhatsApp statuses so you can view them whenever you want.

Share this useful app with your WhatsApp friends and groups so they can benefit from it too. Status Saver is free to use and saves you from the hassle of having to take screenshots of statuses before they disappear. Enjoy this handy tool and happy WhatsApping!

Save Photo Statuses, Video Statuses and GIFs

Saving your favorite WhatsApp photo statuses, video statuses and GIFs is now easier than ever with Status Saver. This nifty app lets you save any type of status so you can view it again whenever you want—even after it disappears from WhatsApp!

Save All the Photo Statuses!

Do you follow people who frequently update their status with gorgeous travel photos, mouthwatering food pics or adorable pet snapshots? Status Saver lets you save all those visual treats with a single tap. Just open the status, tap the download icon and the photo status will be saved to your device. You can then view the pics in the Status Saver app or in your phone's gallery. Talk about instant gratification!

Keep Those Hilarious Video Statuses and GIFs

Laughter is the best medicine, so why let those funny video statuses and perfectly looped GIFs vanish after just 24 hours? Status Saver to the rescue! Saving a video status or GIF status works the same as saving a photo status. Simply tap to download and Status Saver will save the video/GIF to your phone so you can replay it whenever you need a good chuckle.

Organize and Share

The best part about Status Saver is that it doesn't just dump all your saved statuses into one big folder. It organizes them by contact name and status type so you can easily find a specific photo, video or GIF status. You can also share any saved status directly from the app via WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram and other social media platforms.

Status Saver takes the "ephemeral" out of WhatsApp statuses. With this free app, you'll never miss out on your friends' and family's special moments or miss an opportunity to brighten your day with a bit of humor again. Download Status Saver today and start saving all your favorite WhatsApp photo statuses, video statuses and GIFs!

View Saved Statuses Whenever You Want

Never Miss Out on Your Favorite Statuses Again

With Status Saver for Whatsapp, you'll never have to worry about missing your friends' hilarious statuses or heartfelt life updates again. This handy app automatically saves any status that you view in Whatsapp so you can look back on them whenever you want!

Build Your Own Personal Status Library

Status Saver works quietly in the background as you use Whatsapp as usual. Every time you view a friend's status update, whether by choice or just casually scrolling by, the app saves that status for you. Over time, you'll build up your very own library of memorable statuses to revisit. Whether it's an inside joke, an inspiring thought, or just a mood that you want to remember, your saved statuses will be there waiting for you.

Relive the Joy and Laughs

There's nothing quite like looking back on a hilarious or heartwarming status from the past and getting that burst of joy and nostalgia all over again. With Status Saver, you can scroll through your library any time you want a pick-me-up and relive all your favorite moments from the past. Those statuses that made you laugh until your sides hurt or brought a little tear of joy to your eye—they're all saved for you so you'll never forget them.

Share the Memories With Friends

The great thing about Status Saver is that your saved status library isn't just for you—you can share your favorites with friends too! If there's a status you want to laugh about together again or just bring a smile to someone's face, you can easily send any saved status directly to friends or groups in Whatsapp. Spread the joy and make new memories by bonding over the good times of the past.

Status Saver takes the frustration out of missing your friends' status updates on Whatsapp. Build your own personal library of memorable moments and relive or share your favorite statuses whenever the mood strikes. Don't miss out on another hilarious or heartfelt status—download Status Saver today!

Organize Your Saved Statuses Into Folders

Once you’ve saved all your favorite WhatsApp statuses, it’s time to organize them into folders so you can find them easily later on. Status Saver’s folder feature lets you categorize your saved statuses any way you like.

Create Custom Folders

Tap the ‘Add Folder’ button to make a new folder. Give it any name you want, like ‘Funny Statuses’, ‘Inspiring Quotes’, or ‘Song Lyrics’. Get creative and make as many folders as you need!

Move Statuses Into Folders

Select one or more saved statuses you want to file away. Tap ‘Move to folder’ and choose the folder you want to put them in. Your statuses will be neatly organized in the folder you picked. It’s that simple!

Rename and Delete Folders

If you want to change the name of a folder or get rid of it altogether, just tap the three dots next to the folder name. Select ‘Rename folder’ or ‘Delete folder’—your statuses inside that folder will be moved back to your main saved statuses view.

Search Your Folders

Can’t remember which folder you put that hilarious status in? No problem! Tap the search icon at the top of the screen and enter a word or phrase from the status. Status Saver will search through all your folders and show you the matching result. Talk about convenient!

With the folder feature, you'll never waste time scrolling through all your saved statuses trying to find the one you want. And if you're feeling nostalgic, you can browse through your folders to revisit old favorite statuses. Get started organizing your saved WhatsApp statuses today—your future self will thank you! 

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Share Saved Statuses on WhatsApp, Facebook and Instagram

Sharing your favorite WhatsApp statuses with friends and followers on other social media platforms is a breeze with Status Saver. This handy app lets you save any status you come across so you can spread the joy whenever you want!

Save All Your Favorites

See a funny meme, inspirational quote or interesting fact in someone's status? Simply long press the status, tap "Save" and it will be stored in the Status Saver app for you to access anytime. You can save an unlimited number of statuses so go wild and save everything that makes you smile!

Share On WhatsApp

Want to reuse a status you saved or send one to a WhatsApp friend? Just open the Status Saver app, find the status you want to share and tap the WhatsApp icon. The status will open in your WhatsApp chat window ready for you to send to anyone you like! Your friends will surely appreciate you sharing such amusing and uplifting statuses with them.

Post On Facebook and Instagram

The fun doesn't stop at WhatsApp - you can also share any saved status directly to your Facebook stories, news feed or Instagram stories and posts. Simply tap the Facebook or Instagram icon next to a saved status and voila, it will appear in the respective app ready for you to post for all your followers to enjoy.

Status Saver makes it incredibly easy to spread positivity and cheer on your favorite social networks. So get out there, save your favorite WhatsApp statuses and share away! Your friends and followers will thank you for brightening their day with your delightful shares. Happiness is meant to be shared so download Status Saver today and start spreading the joy!

Protect Your Saved Statuses With a Password

Once you’ve saved all your favorite Whatsapp statuses, you’ll want to keep them protected. The Status Saver app allows you to set a password to lock your collection from prying eyes.

Set a Strong Password

Choose a password that would be hard to guess, preferably 8 characters or longer, with a mix of letters, numbers and symbols. The more complex your password, the better. Anyone who knows your password will have access to your saved statuses, so make it count!

Enable Two-Factor Authentication

For an extra layer of security, turn on two-factor authentication if it’s available. This means when you sign in, you’ll enter your password and receive a code sent to your phone via text or app. Only someone with access to your password AND your phone can get in. Peace of mind!

Change Your Password Regularly

Best practice is to change important passwords every few months. Don’t reuse the same password across accounts, and avoid common or guessable passwords. Keep your Whatsapp status password fresh and strong.

Log Out When Done

Always remember to log out of the Status Saver app when you’re finished viewing or editing your collection. Don’t stay signed in indefinitely, as this leaves your data and password vulnerable if your phone is lost, stolen or accessed by someone else. Log in, do your thing, then promptly log back out.

Protecting your saved Whatsapp statuses with a secure password and responsible security habits will give you confidence that your collection is safe from prying eyes. Take a few minutes to enable the right protections, and you'll be able to revisit your favorite saved statuses worry-free for years to come! Keep your password strong, your authentication on, and your guard up. Your statuses will thank you!

FAQs: Common Questions About the WhatsApp Status Saver App

You've got questions, and the WhatsApp Status Saver app has answers! This handy little tool can save all your favorite Statuses so you never miss a thing. Let's dive in and get all your burning questions answered.

How do I download the WhatsApp Status Saver app?

Downloading the app is a breeze! Just head to the Google Play Store or Apple App Store and search for "WhatsApp Status Saver". Tap "Install" or "Get" and you'll have the app in no time. Once it's installed, open it up and log in with your phone number to start saving Statuses.


Which WhatsApp statuses can I save?

You can save any and all Statuses that catch your eye! Save photo statuses, video statuses, text statuses, or combination statuses. The WhatsApp Status Saver app supports saving them all. See a funny meme, cute pet video or inspiring quote? Save it! Your saved Statuses will be organized by contact so you can easily find them again later.

How do I save a WhatsApp status?

Saving a Status is super simple. Just open WhatsApp, view the Status you want to save and tap the "Save" button at the bottom of the screen. The Status will automatically save to your WhatsApp Status Saver app where you can access it anytime. You can also long press any Status to save it. either way works great!

Can I share saved WhatsApp statuses?

Of course! What good is saving hilarious or interesting Statuses if you can't share them with friends? Open the WhatsApp Status Saver app, find the Status you want to share and tap the "Share" button. You'll be able to share the Status via WhatsApp message, Facebook, Instagram or any other sharing method on your phone. Spread the joy!

Have any other questions about how to use the awesome WhatsApp Status Saver app? Let me know! I'm happy to help in any way I can. Saving Statuses has never been so fun and easy. Enjoy!


So what are you waiting for? Download Status Saver for Whatsapp today and never miss out on saving another favorite status again. Your friends and family put time and thought into creating those short videos and photos to share a moment of joy or insight with you—make sure you can revisit them whenever you want. With just a few taps you'll have a personalized collection of memories built right into your Whatsapp experience. The best part is that Status Saver is completely free to use and compatible with any smartphone. Stop worrying about your favorite statuses disappearing and get to work building your very own library of moments you never want to forget. The possibilities are endless! What are you going to save first?


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